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The Guide To Selling Confidently

Apr 18, 14 The Guide To Selling Confidently

Posted by in Career Transformation, Diet & Lifestyle

Last weekend we spent time in Napa and Sonoma Valley tasting divine wines. The highlight of the trip was meeting a fellow blogger , Adrienne Shubin,who basically showed us some of the best wineries in Sonoma. I was blown away by  the size of the wineries not to mention the mass of people visiting Napa. This place puts Puglia to...

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The Guide To Creating Consistent Income

This guide is based on the first 12 months of my business journey, what I did to go from zero to gold ,month by month and what you can do too.   1)Get into the pain and then ask a better question. When I started seeing what others were doing and having as a result of becoming unstuck it first made me feel more stuck and then...

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The Guide To Travelling In Style

Apr 04, 14 The Guide To Travelling In Style

Posted by in City Living, Style

Today I’m 38,000 feet in the air writing this blog. I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to be sat in first class travelling to California. Only 11 months ago I was squashed like a sardine at the back of the plane , financially stuck and wondering how anyone could afford an Upper Class ticket. Today I ask better questions, today...

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The Guide To Greater Trust

This week I’ve been asked the same question in different forms: “How can I be sure I have enough expertise”? “How can I know my target market”? “How can I be certain my offers will sell”? The common denominator here is obvious, a lack of trust. And as we search for all the above guarantees, we render ourselves...

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The Guide To Feeling Good Enough

On my desk sits a giant Buddha’s head, he reminds me to trust and breathe often especially when speaking with prospects. In front of my desk is the word LOVE. Each individual letter sculpted in wrought iron and decorated with flowers.     It reminds me to love myself even if what happens with prospects or on this page...

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The Guide To Handling Criticism

People talk about having writer’s block, I used to wonder what that meant. I always enjoyed writing and speaking, foreign languages were especially easy for me. But when it comes to sitting down and actually writing, blogging or simply communicating your message many of us get “stuck”. I believe we get stuck for two...

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