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The Guide to Finding Your Niche

I’m home in Ireland for a bit with my family and as part of the traditional winter get together each year we invite a good friend of the family, a priest, to dine with us. This is not just any priest. Certainly not your typical Catholic priest. This is Fr.Dermot, a combination of positive energy, luxury experiences and Santa Claus...

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The Guide To Preventing Overwhelm When You’re Starting Out In Business

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result”. Einstein There’s a lot of talk at this time of year about setting goals and resolutions. Yet many women I speak to are already caught up in overwhelm, confusion and stress. They’re setting huge expectation on 2015 to be...

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The Guide To Living On Purpose In 2015

At 11 years old I found myself in Ireland’s newest 5 Star hotel the Slieve Russell ,think Dallas meets Tara (Gone with the Wind) and you’ll get an idea of the extravagance.   I’d long been fascinated by the homes in the TV shows Dallas and Dynasty so to find that my parents had booked us in for the weeked at this...

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The Guide To Creating Your Highest Paid Months In 2015

Having just returned from a 90 day world trip stopping in Cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Santa Barbara, Miami and LA I’ve discovered that each City had something to teach me about creating success. What I learned most during my travels whilst on the go is that to create dramatic success in a short space of time two things are...

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The Guide To A Business Model That Works

Dec 05, 14 The Guide To A Business Model That Works

Posted by in Career Transformation, City Living, Coaching

I recently had my first visit to a Drybar here in LA. It was an inspiring experience. The concept is simple, no cuts, no colour just blowouts. This is an example of why just one stylish business offer is all you need at the beginning to create huge success in business. The dry bar founder Alli Webb uses this business model of one...

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The Guide To Creating Success In Business

This guide is based on the first 12 months of my business journey, what I did to go from zero to gold ,month by month and what you can do too.   1)Get into the pain and then ask a better question. When I started seeing what others were doing and having as a result of becoming unstuck it first made me feel more stuck and then...

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