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The Guide To Starting A Blog

Feb 27, 15 The Guide To Starting A Blog

Posted by in Career Transformation, Style

I started my blog back when I was bored in my day job. On more than one occasion and as quite the socialite I was dubbed a  “CityGirl”, known for knowing  the best places and events in town. And so ultimately I began blogging as CityGirl sharing my City, London, and using it as creative outlet in which to get away from the hum...

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The Guide To Getting In Flow In Business

Feb 20, 15 The Guide To Getting In Flow In Business

Posted by in Career Transformation

I’m house hunting in Southern Italy and here’s how it started: Me:  What’s the number of the house?” Estate Agent: “It doesn’t have a number it has a name” Me:  “Ok, what’s the name of this house?” Estate Agent: “Villa Grazia” (Grace’s House)   Me:...

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The Guide To Feeling Confident With Sales

I watched the Wolf of Wall Street the other night even though I swore I couldn’t look at it again. The mix between DiCaprio’s character abusing his body with drugs and his out of control money laundering is intense to witness.  And yet this “wolf” managed to confidently inspire a whole workforce into selling...

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The Guide to Handling Fear of Failure

Feb 07, 15 The Guide to Handling Fear of Failure

Posted by in Self Care & Self Esteem

  I’m lying in my bed in the Ava Gardner suite at the Savoy. There’s tissues all over the bed, my throat’s dry and my nose has been running all day. I’m not feeling luxurious, despite being in the lap of luxury and I wonder what Ava Gardner would think of me taking up her former room in this most...

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The Guide To Building Confidence Fast

I’m sitting in the bank and my heart is pounding.  I don’t know why but dealing with official institutions makes me nervous. As I do my breathing; in two, three, four; out two, three, four – it suddenly dawns on me that some of my clients feel this way when they’re having a sales call or faced with public...

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The Guide to Finding Your Niche With Ease

I’m home in Ireland for a bit with my family and as part of the traditional winter get together each year we invite a good friend of the family, a priest, to dine with us. This is not just any priest. Certainly not your typical Catholic priest. This is Fr.Dermot, a combination of positive energy, luxury experiences and Santa Claus...

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