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The Guide To Standing Out In Business

I’m writing to you from Cannes today where I’m on an Ayurveda and Ashtanga yoga retreat. That’s right, an unusual combination and oh so inspiring. As I was searching for retreats I kept coming across the same style of offers, detox yoga retreats or meditation & yoga combined, they felt boring to me. The...

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The Guide To Trusting Yourself

This week I’ve been asked the same question in different forms: “How can I be sure I have enough expertise”? “How can I know my target market”? “How can I be certain my offers will sell”? The common denominator here is obvious, a lack of self-trust. And as you search for all the above guarantees, you render yourself...

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The Guide To Acquiring New Clients

“When I am able to let go of my problem I’ll have instantaneous manifestation”  The Game of Life.   That’s true and what happens if you’re under pressure financially or a deadline to already be serving clients? You remove the stress and lighten up by following the business model of a good Italian restaurant! Any good...

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The Guide To Financial Empowerment

After I left my day job I became fully dependent on my partner financially. At the beginning it was fine, I tried to tell myself I didn’t need much and I could survive on having basic things. Like enough food and a functional home. I really didn’t feel comfortable asking my man to invest in the stylish desires I had like...

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The Guide To Becoming Decisive

  “Men who succeed reach decisions promptly, and change them, if at all, very slowly” Napoleon Hill   I recently returned from Tuscany where, unlike Puglia, the Internet works really well, the people mainly speak English and there’s a quintessential post card vibe to the place. I was bored. I’d gone there...

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The Guide To Being Where You’re At

May 16, 14 The Guide To Being Where You’re At

Posted by in City Living, Coaching, Italian Life, Style

I’ve found my inspiration again. It’s here in Italy where I left it. After almost 2 months of travelling the USA experiencing LA, San Fran & NYC I’ve come back to the blog to write about home. Where I’m at. I enjoyed my time in the USA, the people were fab, hosting intensives was awesome and the shopping and...

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