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The Guide To A Successful Day – An Interview with Gabrielle Bernstein

This is the first in a series of interviews , audio and blog format, with successful women who’ve built inspiring businesses on the foundation of their daily spiritual rituals and routines. First up is New York Times best selling author Gabrielle Bernstein who was recently featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday  as a...

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The Guide To Handling Rejection

It’s 48hrs before I travel to Australia where I’ll be spending at least a month getting to know Sydney’s style, essence and CityGirls. In reading up on that part of the world I was surprised to learn about the City’s origins and just how much of a reinvention has gone on to make this one of the world’s leading...

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The Guide To Hosting Clients In Luxury Hotels Around The World

I’m sitting in the café where my coaching business started. Way down deep in the heel of the boot in the City of Taranto, Puglia. I remember coming here weekly to meet with a beautiful American client who asked me for coaching when I first arrived. We’d meet, enjoy coffee and a croissant and I’d coach her on the obstacles...

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The Guide To Creating An Offer Clients Will Buy

It’s Sunday afternoon in PJ’s Pub, Carlingford Lough where we’re hunched over a small table by a blazing fire, waiting for Brandies, after getting soaked in the rain The pub’s busy with a mix of locals and tourists chattering away. This is just your typical summer Sunday in Ireland with an array of different nationalities in...

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The Guide To Creating A Supportive Environment

  I was recently interviewed and asked how, I , a former burnt-out school teacher from a culture of famine (Ireland) , transformed my career and life to create a successful  6 figure business travelling the world. My answer was simple, I left home.       Too many women keep themselves in environments that are...

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The Guide To Getting Started As A Coach

Aug 01, 14 The Guide To Getting Started As A Coach

Posted by in Career Transformation, Coaching, Style

I found myself crying in economy class on a Delta airline headed for the USA in Oct 2012. As I entered the cabin I was walked through first class, business class and eventually shown to my tiny squashed seat in the mid rows right between 4 other people in coach class. Maybe if I hadn’t seen the luxurious leather seats, wide leg...

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