Do you ever feel insecure about yourself, The Future, money or your career?

Do you have a deep desire to share your gifts and services yet stay invisible or play small ?

Do you have difficulty trusting yourself and tend to run to others for advice or assurance?

Do you worry about how you measure up compared to others?

If so this programme is perfect for you.

During these 6 weeks we’ll be exploring how you can move beyond your insecure thinking to connect with your innate confidence


My Story…

I’m Grace Kelly and I’m an insecure thinker.

Still that hasn’t stopped me from leaving a day job I didn’t love, moving to a country where I didn’t speak the language, starting a business I knew nothing about and travelling the world coaching clients, making 6 figures a year.

I’d no idea that I was an insecure thinker until I walked into a room full of new people one afternoon and wondered why I was so uncomfortable.

I felt masses of tension in my body , noticed I was holding my breath a lot and heard a constant stream of noisy self- berating thoughts in my mind.


Things popped into my head that day like:

  • “I shouldn’t have worn this”
  • “I hope they like me”
  • “Please don’t ask me a question in case I get it wrong”
  • “I’m not as smart/pretty/talented/good looking as she is”

Talk about being insecure and I thought I was the confident one!

This insecure thinking had happened many times before in different scenarios throughout my life but for some reason this was the point I became aware of it.

As I sat in that room, unable to relax or connect, I saw something new about myself .

I saw where my unease, insecurity and discomfort was coming from, it was my thinking creating the feeling and specifically, my insecure thinking , that I’d spent my life operating from.

It was like a light going on in a dark room after years of living in the dark!

For some reason having that insight freed me up and I began to relax knowing I didn’t have to spend my life feeling insecure or hours of my time changing my thoughts.

Today it’s not that my insecure thinking is gone, (it’s impossible to get rid of thoughts no matter how many affirmations or mantras you try, at some point we just come back to our habitual thinking), it’s just that it’s not running the show and getting the airtime it used to.

As a result, I’m finding a freedom in life I’d not had before, navigating challenges or difficult situations more gracefully, connecting with others more deeply and doing business more easily.

Mostly I’ve gotten out of my own way.

My clients tell me the same.

Having made friends with their insecure thinking , about themselves, about money, about being a good coach or whatever, they’re now more at ease with themselves, more productive and more at peace, no longer battling what once looked like their worst enemy.

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances


When I began coaching with Grace I was in a very stressful head-spin in regards to my full time corporate role. This spin was exacerbated by my thoughts and experiences around money, my lack of it and always being in the “negative” with my bank account.

Working with Grace during this time was the most empowering transformation that I have experienced. She taught me how to settle my insecure thinking about my capability within my current job, how to show up to the moment and be present so that I can perform to my highest potential and how to settle my spinning thoughts about leaving my corporate job, which I’m delighted to say I’m now in transition to leave!

Her coaching and support on insecure thinking enabled major transformation for myself and particularly with my finances.

For the first time I stopped worrying and freaking out about finances and once this spin stopped , I felt no longer controlled by money.

As a result, the finances ,when I needed them , flowed in and I’m finally getting to leave my job instead of that being just a dream

-Liz Riley

Working with Grace has decidedly changed my life and my business in the best way possible

6zz0Sb0UPQyNa4BytXDSuP6YBnyd47_zOgsn4afe9Yo-150x150 In the past I tried to force personal and professional outcomes by over thinking solutions. I let insecure thinking take over which served only to paralyze any attempt I made at decision making. With Grace’s coaching I have begun to settle down the spin I often found myself in which has allowed me to be more productive and decisive than before.

I’ve also increased my confidence to the degree that I now have three television networks interested in making a reality show about my life!

-Elizabeth Vagianos, Boston

Something about Grace and her personal journey ushers you into the greater version of yourself. If you are fortunate enough to get into her sphere do it! You’ll become the relaxed, calm, centered best you can be.

LorraineI felt anxious, worried, insecure and flighty- basically I was afraid and didn’t trust myself or the Universe. I was trying to get my new coaching business going and had no ideal clients coming in at the time. Working with my Grace I transformed into a deeper version of myself, I moved beyond insecurity and reconnected to my innate confidence, as a result I took on more clients and even had my first 15K month as a coach!

I now appreciate myself more deeply and the greatest thing is that I’ve fallen in love with life and its potential since I can trust myself and it more.

-Lorraine Pursell, M.A.

If you’d love to make friends with or at the very least see something new about the only thing that’s stopping you from deeply enjoying your life and career

This programme is perfect for you.

Here’s what we will explore

During these 6 weeks we’ll be exploring how you can move beyond living from insecurity to operating from your innate confidence that’s always available.

We’ll look at insecure thinking in some of the following ways:


Week 1: The source of all insecurity – it’s not what you think!

Week 2: Natural confidence – What it is , where it comes from and how to be in it more of the time.

Week 3: All about you – How to get out of your own way and get on with what you’re here to do, being highly visible to the clients, people or customers who need you.

Week 4: Other people – Ways to develop deep connection and strong relationships with others and how to handle comparison thoughts.

Week 5: Your business – Money, message, sales, and service. How to stop spinning and gain clarity & confidence in these areas.

Week 6: Embracing change and ending worry about the future .

Each week we’ll have a 90min call together as a group exploring the topic of the week. I’ll be coaching you on the exact things you need help with on each call. Between sessions you can use the Facebook group to connect, explore and take the conversation further. 

As a result of this exploration you can expect to:

  • Move forward in your life and business no matter how long you’ve been stuck.
  • Begin to create and do the things you say you want to.
  • Stop taking yourself and life so seriously and instead bring some joy back into your existence.
  • Connect with and begin to operate from your innate confidence and deepest wisdom.
  • Be clear and way less insecure about your message and what you’ve got to offer that truly reflects you.
  • Coach your clients or support your customers more impactfully.
  • Have better relationships and communication with people.
  • Become more comfortable around money and begin to sell your services confidently,charging  what you desire.
  • Navigate life’s challenges with more ease.
  • Swap measuring up and needing things to be perfect with high productivity at your own pace.
  • Tap into your innate wellbeing and develop a self trust like never before.
  • Embrace change in your career, business, relationships or any area of life minus the freakout.

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First 5 sign ups get a 1hr skype session with Grace

Course start date ESTIMATE Sept 29th

Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly is a success coach. She helps people gracefully transition in their career , increase their confidence & their earning power to create stylish lives & businesses they love.

Formally a French teacher in London, Grace left her salary behind, moved to Italy, and started an international coaching business.

After successfully growing her business to 6-figures in 6 months, she went on to create a global client base and travelled the world coaching individuals in stylish locations like St.Tropez, Beverley Hills, Paris, New York and Rome.

Grace is now is enjoying the delights of brining clients home to her in Italy where she’s hosting luxury retreats combining transformative life coaching with the best that Puglia, Italy has to offer.

Her wildly popular blog, CityGirl Confidence™, was selected by Forbes as one of the top 100 Best Websites for Women, and her expertise has been featured in The Sunday Times, Zest and Soul and Spirit.

My Highest Paid Month Ever in Business!


NicolaWhen I started working with Grace I was completely burnt out, running a vocal coaching business and trying to do everything myself, which caused me to be sick all the time.

This affected my business, my relationships and in particular my state of mind. During the initial 90 days, Grace really nurtured and helped me to take steps to improving my lifestyle and my health in a huge way.

Today I’m in the best health I’ve ever been and I’ve had the confidence to follow my dream and move from Ireland to the Canary Islands.

My lifestyle and health have improved dramatically.

On top of that I also managed to increase my earnings in my business, at one point having my highest paid month ever in business!

Nicola Byrne

In less than six months working with Grace, I transformed from being a corporate executive to launching my own international business consulting and coaching clients and companies.

Grace has helped me connect deeper with my inner truth, gain clarity what my career desires are, what my corporate exit strategy is and then how best to package my expertise and gain more confidence in showing up, serving and creating the life I desire.

I highly recommend amazing Grace’s inspirational coaching style if you are ready for your own career transformation.

-Ivana Sretenovic

Transformational Business Consultant & Coach

I had my first two paying clients within 6 weeks!


In my short time coaching with Grace, I went from feeling shy, too young, and not knowledgeable enough to passionate, on purpose, and with the utmost confidence and clarity.

I started my discovery session calls with a paper in front of me to make sure I was ‘doing everything right.

After a mere 3 sessions, I was able to let that go and step into my true sense of confidence in this arena and have now taken on my first clients and launched my first online programme.

Grace pushed me to honor who I am, my voice, and my message- and I truly feel able to coach my dream clients right back into their hearts.

I am so grateful for this feeling- I feel like I can really do this!

Power. Passion. Purpose. YES!

Carly Morgan Gross – Create a soulful, intuitive, and feminine relationship to health, body, weight, and life!