The Audrey Hepburn Experience Rome.


  As featured in Zest Magazine 2013

  “Each city is unforgettable. If I had to choose my favourite it would be Rome”


Audrey was a true Roman CityGirl.


She loved style


She was lit up by love and beauty




She adored travel and Cities , eventually making Rome  her second home.


Rome was good to Audrey , the big bold energy of this city supported her in stepping fully into her most visible brand , deepest purpose and highest earning potential ,think Roman Holiday,  which earned her an Oscar in 1953 and launched her as a major Hollywood star!



If you’ve ever looked at Audrey or other  influential women, past or present,  and wondered how they manage to create the lifestyle, visibility & career they love , then I invite you to The Audrey Hepburn Experience where you’ll be supported, nurtured and inspired to create transformation in your life and career, through this one day retreat designed especially for you.


 The Audrey Hepburn Experience is a perfect fit for you if:

You’ve reached a plateau or feel stuck in your biz/career and it’s time to receive clarity on next steps immediately OR



You’re ready to up level the way you work to include more travel , style and creativity OR



You require exact clarity and  deeper confidence in creating and selling inspiring services and/or  high-end packages that will allow you to build a more consistent income and work in a way you love OR



You desire more visibility and momentum with your business , whether through media opportunities, high-end brand collaborations  or live events AND



You’d love to experience Rome, Audrey’s way, which includes being professionally styled and photographed at some of her most treasured places around the City , then this experience is for you.




Thursday 12th September . SOLD OUT.

Friday Oct 4th. SOLD OUT .

Saturday Oct 5th. SOLD OUT.


Location: The Waldorf Astoria, Rome

Investment: £3500.00.



Enquiries: Grace@CityGirlConfidence.Com


What else could you possibly do in a day that would boost your Work, Wealth, Well-being and Style  and transform your life more than this?


I’m Grace Kelly and I found myself stuck in a vocational rut for years wondering how I could experience a more graceful way of doing what I love and earning the money I desired, that didn’t involve a 6am start, a 12 hour day and a journey from hell and back to get to work.

I was a Secondary School French Teacher in London for 6 years during which time I experienced anything but my true loves travel, style & wealth.

I’d suffer ample exhaustion, anxiety, overwhelm, not to mention overeating, much boredom and finally burn-out.

I knew I was in a position I didn’t love, my body was constantly reminding me of that, Teaching was my thing but admin, long journeys and a low paycheck for a demanding job was not.

I became so disheartened at times, immersed in an environment that did not support my vocational vision and did little to nurture my entrepreneurial potential &  self-esteem.

So, as an avid learner and lover of all things stylish & luxurious I began to surround myself with wealthier environments, more high-vibrational people, coaches and healers and I researched inspirational women like Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel ,eventually being invited to present educational seminars on both icons and most recently designing The Audrey Hepburn Experience in Rome for women ready to  transform their lives and careers .

I loved teaching and transforming yes and after enough burn-out, sick days and boredom, I made it my personal objective to get out of my day job & transform my career once and for all.

Last year that manifestation peaked when I moved to my dream beach house in Southern Italy and this year was selected by FORBES as a Top Website and Blogger for Women who also gracefully earned in 60 days what it once took a whole year to make as a school teacher, this time doing the work I love.