Want a thriving business within the next 90 days where you get to work with high-end clients in a stylish way?



I’m Grace Kelly and let me tell you that not that long ago I craved this too.

I remember when I left my day job behind I spent the following year trying to figure out how I could be a coach working with clients travelling the world and living life in a super stylish way.


For days on end I would go to a beach nearby and pray, meditate and ask God what I should do to make this my reality.


After a whole year of trying so hard to figure this out, I found myself crying in frustration on that beach and getting really angry with myself , I was so confused as to why my prayers had gone unanswered and why I still had no clarity on my service and no clients to serve.


For days on end I would go to a beach nearby and pray, meditate and ask God what I should do to make this my reality.


But despite my frustration, desperation and prayers still nothing happened.


I continued to remain without clients without my own money, totally dependent on my man for financial support and my confidence hit an all time low.


More than that I felt I was “off purpose” the very thing I left my day job and salary to get onto.


One afternoon it occurred to me that my situation was likely going to continue the same if I didn’t change something.


I felt overwhelmed and panicked at even the thought of that.


Right there and then I made the decision to get out of overwhelm, the victim mentality and lack of clarity and to start  taking actions in the direction of my desires.


I felt I was “off purpose” the very thing I left my day job and salary to get onto.


This action started with delving into my message, what it was I wanted to offer people and how to communicate that clearly and simply.


I was so stuck in my own mess and had so little headspace that I couldn’t see clearly what I was able to offer, share and deliver.

So my next step was to hire a coach to support me in gaining that clarity and who could help me bring together my gifts into a business model I loved.


With crystal clarity and feeling the relief of strong support, I quickly created a stylish coaching offer and with my gifts as a linguist I was able to clearly communicate exactly who this offer was for and why she should invest in it.


I also developed a more concrete marketing plan that matched my style and allowed me to rapidly connect with my ideal clients consistently.


With this clear messaging ,communication  and high-end support in place from someone further ahead I felt confident, clear and worthy.

And within a short period of just 90days I found myself and my business taking off once and for all, in fact I even landed 10 high end clients in just 30days of putting my message out!


Taking on my first high-end clients and I literally “took off in style” to Cities like Paris and London to work with clients face to face.


Roll onto today and I now have a multiple 6 figure coaching business with an award winning website and blog endorsed by Forbes and a global client base whom I get to work with in a stylish and exciting way around the world.


Whether it’s meeting them face to face in high vibe locations like BeverlyHills, Rome or LA or working with them via Skype whilst I’m lounging in hotspots like Italy, Paris or St. Tropez my vision has become my reality.

Best of all I did this the stylish way, meaning without losing my balance and wellbeing in the process.


I took on my first high-end clients and I literally “took off in style” to Cities like Paris and London to work with clients face to face.


I now know for sure that any woman has the potential to create dramatic transformation in her business in as little as 90days and that she can do it without losing herself in the process.


With a strong message, clear and consistent communication , offers your clients will love and a  marketing style  you  enjoy implementing you too can reach your ideal clients and start serving and earning in a stylish way whilst enjoying a great lifestyle and wellbeing in the process.


If you’re looking to create a thriving business and you desire to be of service in a stylish way working with ideal clients and and experiencing the financial rewards your expertise and purpose deserves then this programme is for you.

      During your Take Off In Style programme you will:

 Gain clarity on your true message and learn to communicate it in a way that your clients get what you do.


 Create a service and package you can sell.


Gain clarity on your personal story and learn to leverage the pieces that your ideal clients can easily relate to.


Learn to confidently share this story and your services in a way that will have ideal clients instantly recognise why your service or offer is the one for them


 Develop a stylish marketing plan, one that’s low-tech and easy to use consistently, so you can reach your ideal clients.


 Get clear on the exact price points for your offers and confidently charge them.


Become confident in selling your offers and learn a stylish sales process that doesn’t have you feel salesy or pushy.


Discover what makes you expert even if  you’re just starting out.


 Learn how to get out of insecure thought, overwhelm, fears and reconnect to your innate wisdom and wellbeing so you can successfully launch your nee business and start working with clients who need you.



Price  £3000.00 

Note: This programme consists of 12 sessions and can be spread out over 6 months if preferred.


My Highest Paid Month Ever in Business!


NicolaWhen I started working with Grace I was completely burnt out, running a vocal coaching business and trying to do everything myself, which caused me to be sick all the time.

This affected my business, my relationships and in particular my state of mind. During the initial 90 days, Grace really nurtured and helped me to take steps to improving my lifestyle and my health in a huge way.

Today I’m in the best health I’ve ever been and I’ve had the confidence to follow my dream and move from Ireland to the Canary Islands.

My lifestyle and health have improved dramatically.

On top of that I also managed to increase my earnings in my business, at one point having my highest paid month ever in business!

Nicola Byrne


I was able to bring in $10K in Sales

In just 1 month!


Within 24 hours of signing up for coaching with Grace (and immediately after our first call) I sold my first 5K programme, recouping my investment!

This positive momentum went on to have me create 10K in my business in the space of 30days and a total of 30K by the end of the 90 days! I couldn’t be more grateful to find a mentor and style of business that supports me in combining divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and FREEDOM all in one.


Jessica Caver





I was able to bring in $25K+ in Sales

In just under 2 months!


Before working with Grace, I barely new what “momentum” meant and how I could create a profitable business.

That all turned around when I decided it was my time and with the support of Grace, I was able to bring in $25K+ in sales in just under 2 months!

Not only that, but I’ve gained such amazing clarity and direction for how I desire to live and run my business. I’m in such gratitude for Grace and her expertise!

I simply couldn’t have done it without her.


Juliet Turalski





I had my first 17K month and got my stylish brand and message.


During the Take Off In Style programme Grace helped me tap into my core brand and messaging as a transformational life coach and mentor for women.

By giving myself permission to invest in me and my business at this level, I was able to step into a space where I could charge more for my services and feel confident about it.

I was able to confidently create and sell a $3k coaching program and have a $17,000 month after working with Grace.

I am now creating high-end offerings with the knowing that I can do it in my own personal style and provide huge value to my clients.

Elena Lipson- Divine Self Care mentor.


I had my first two paying clients within 6 weeks!


In my short time coaching with Grace, I went from feeling shy, too young, and not knowledgeable enough to passionate, on purpose, and with the utmost confidence and clarity.

I started my discovery session calls with a paper in front of me to make sure I was ‘doing everything right.

After a mere 3 sessions, I was able to let that go and step into my true sense of confidence in this arena and have now taken on my first clients and launched my first online programme.

Grace pushed me to honor who I am, my voice, and my message- and I truly feel able to coach my dream clients right back into their hearts.

I am so grateful for this feeling- I feel like I can really do this!

Power. Passion. Purpose. YES!

Carly Morgan Gross – Create a soulful, intuitive, and feminine relationship to health, body, weight, and life!



This programme is perfect for you if:


You have a burning desire to position yourself for clients, cash and confidence in the next 90days.


You’re highly creative and get distracted easily, left to your own devices nothing changes and you feel your confidence is low.


You lack  clarity  on what you’ve got to offer and how to package that up and can barely hear yourself think sometimes with so many thoughts, fears and over thinking going on.


This programme is not for you if:


You’re lacking determination to succeed.


You’re unable to invest the time, energy, money and self mastery to get to where you desire to be in next 90 days.

Within days of that first session I enrolled my first high-end  client .


emily-barretBefore working with Grace, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with ideas, plans and strategies for building my business and reaching my ideal clients. I needed clarity fast on my next steps and had underestimated how much work I really needed to develop a success mind-set.

Following my first intensive session with Grace I got clear on exactly what I was offering and who my ideal client is and experienced a distinct shift in my mind-set .

I was able to believe for the first time that what I desired was possible for me without the ‘struggle’. Within days of that first session I enrolled my first client at £2500.00 and went on to make £5K.

I know understand the power of coaching and without having that support to develop my own mind-set and beliefs for achieving the success I desire, I would likely still be spinning my wheels trying to implement the latest marketing strategy instead of working with my ideal clients and earning what I deserve.

Emily Barrett



I earned $23,000 in one month!

As a result of working with Grace and getting very clear on what I am offering and how to work in a  more stylish way, I earned $23,000 in one month and I hosted my first ever private intensives in Sydney Australia!

I also then I had my first VIP client sign up to work with me on my largest coaching package ever.

Thank You Grace!!

Elaine Grace Copeland




Within 6 weeks of working with Grace I had my highest month in business!


With Grace’s support I successfully created and sold my services at higher rates and now get to work with my ideal clients , hosting intensives in stylish locations.

 After getting clear on my stylish business offer I was able to generate a total of almost 40K in the space of 90 days, on top of that I’m more visible to my niche knowing what I can offer them and exactly who they are I now get to work with my ideal clients and Graces coaching expertise holds me at a higher level than I had previously envisioned for myself.


Sarah Leather,

Transformational Coach to Women in Holistic Health Professions,

TEDx Speaker & Writer


I was able to create my first £4500 month (approx. $8000)


Last month I was able to create my first £4500 month (approx. $8000).

This has allowed my husband and I to fulfill our dream of touring around France and Italy, and I was able to take my business with me.

Working with Grace gave me clarity on who I am here to serve and I was able to craft my unique high end offer. This clarity helped me to become visible and demonstrate my value to my ideal clients.



Julie Ritchie,

United Kingdom



I am deeply inspired by Grace


Grace has helped me to think big and during 90 days has taken my business idea from being a small seed and helped me develop my unique brand and shown me how to create, market and sell stylish high end programmes.

The biggest transformation for me has been gaining the confidence to leave my corporate day job and going from having a mind-set of living pay check to pay check to truly believing that I can have it all.

I now have a business model that shows me how to create consistent income and one that will give me back the financial independence that I have craved for several years.

Thank you for believing in me Grace and holding me accountable each week. I am now ready for take-off in first class style!

Sue Salamon,

United Kingdom


Imagine waking up with a thriving business one where you get to determine how much you make per month and how many hours you work, therefore living and loving your most stylish life.


Imagine being so crystal clear on what you’ve got to offer and having that packaged up and ready to sell at a price point that matches your true value.


Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do on a daily basis to grow your business eliminating all overwhelm, confusion and lack of self-belief.






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