Create Your Stylish 6-Figure Business
That Gives You Success Without Self-Sacrifice


Do you think a 6 figure business and a stylish life isn’t possible for you?


Let me tell you my story…..


I’m Grace Kelly and for 7 years I was a school teacher in London earning just enough.


For 7 years I sacrificed my wellbeing and core values just to make money, my life was less than stylish and ironically the money I made was spent on recovering my health.


I found myself in a vocational rut for far too long, constantly ill from working in a job and environment that didn’t inspire me.


The wakeup call finally came when en route to school one day I experienced a mega anxiety attack on the Tube, it rendered me unable to breathe properly and I could hardly move.


It happened right during rush hour and my head was spinning like crazy watching all those people en route to work, it was all I could do to get off that train, fight my way through the crowds and collapse onto the staircase.


I made the decision right there that I wasn’t going to live like this anymore, always in a rush, anxious and burnt-out.


It was time to get out of my day job for good, even if I didn’t know what else I could do or how I would earn next.


As it turns out the result of following this decision led me to my purpose and much more stylish way of working and living life.

I learned how to combine my skills and passions and how to offer them in a stylish and inspiring way that has transformed my wellbeing beyond belief.


What I’ve discovered in fact is that it is possible for you to do what you love and to earn as much as you’d like without sacrificing your wellbeing.


In fact within the first 6 months of my new business I was able to successfully grow a global client base, earn 6 figures and transform my belief that making money was hard and would burn me out.

More than that I finally got on purpose doing something I love, plus my relationship improved as I began to earn my own money and stopped depending on my man  financially.

Now I travel the world working in a style that excites me without jeopardizing my values , relationship and wellbeing.

I now know for sure that it is possible for any woman to do what she loves and earn as much as she likes whilst living a highly stylish life.





If you’re looking to transform your business and life, I invite you to join me on your very own CityGirl intensive to skyrocket your success without burning out, playing small, or ruining your health or relationship in the process.


A CityGirl Intensive is perfect for you if:

You’re not getting any or many clients and desire support in ending the struggle.


You’re done sacrificing yourself and your wellbeing just to make “enough” money and are ready to get financially unstuck.


You don’t know what your message is and what you’ve got to offer and you don’t know what sets you apart as a credible expert for greater momentum and visibility.


You desire a more stylish life that feels easy and gives you a sense of balance.


You want to end self-sacrifice, discover deeper purpose and generate greater impact doing something you love.


Sign yourself up for a private 1 day intensive and we’ll map out your message, offers and the life you desire so you can make this the year you start doing what you love.

During Your CityGirl Intensive we’ll map out:


1. Your message: You’ll get clear on your most stylish message, the one you really mean and clients relate to and instantly know why they’d work with you.



 2. Your service and package: We’ll create a service and package that you can sell , you’ll also get clear on who you’re here to serve and exactly how to find the people who are looking for what you have to offer.


3. Marketing style: Design and learn to implement a stylish marketing plan, one that’s low tech and easy to use, that doesn’t require you to be a social media loving millenial to succeed but will still have you visible on the platforms you’re people see.


4.  Create your stylish brand :Receive suggestions on how to create a credible brand and online presence that’ll  have ideal clients understand why you’re the expert for them. (Even if you’re just starting out)


5. Sales success: Develpp a sales process that has you feel confident , not pushy, so you can easily sell the offer we create and get clear on the exact pricing for your offers.


This stylish intensive is custom designed for you and includes a whole day together in a  hotel, gourmet lunch + refreshments, and 1 x 30min follow up call for integration post-intensive.

Imagine being able to recoup your investment many times over when you have clarity on your packages & can immediately go out & sell your offer in the world.


I had my first 17K month and got my stylish brand and message.


Grace helped me tap into my core brand and messaging as a transformational life coach and mentor for women.

By giving myself permission to invest in me and my business at this level, I was able to step into a space where I could charge more for my services and feel confident about it.

I was able to confidently create and sell a $3k coaching program and have a $17,000 month after working with Grace.

I am now creating high-end offerings with the knowing that I can do it in my own personal style and provide huge value to my clients.



Elena Lipson- Divine Self Care mentor.

My intensive with Grace.


Since my intensive with Grace, I went from lack of confidence and clarity in my life and business to living out my desires.

I took on my first clients , had my first 5K month and have hosted two of my own intensives in luxury locations in Rome and Toronto.

This allowed me to travel around the globe, live in Italy for the summer, all whilst growing my coaching business to serve women in claiming their self-worth and designing abundant lifestyles.

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring!!







Danielle Rosa, Lifestyle Coach.

When I first met Grace, I was considering quitting my corporate job and starting a full-time coaching practice.



However, after working with another (less expensive) coach for several months with close to no results, I realised that it was time to invest in myself at a higher level if I ever wanted my business to ‘take-off in style’.

So I met Grace for a Stylish Business Intensive at Savoy Hotel, London.

Grace helped me see sides of myself that I was blind to and helped me craft my signature style and message based on what truly lights me up, immediately differentiating me in the marketplace.

Since infusing my signature style in my work and getting crystal clear on my message and offers, I finally attracted my first high-end client!

I went from zero to 2k in the space of a month ,after years of working for free or close to nothing and since went on to replace my salary doing what I love!

What I most enjoyed about working with Grace is how she was able to pierce through the chaos in my mind and help me gain clarity about who I am and what my unique selling proposition is.

She helped me see my worth and gain confidence in my offerings.



Elsa Alexandra Razborsek

I earned $23,000 in one month!

As a result of working with Grace and getting very clear on what I am offering and how to work in a  more stylish way, I earned $23,000 in one month and I hosted my first ever private intensives in Sydney Australia!

I also then I had my first VIP client sign up to work with me on my largest coaching package ever.

Thank You Grace!!

Elaine Grace Copeland


Location, Location


CityGirl intensives are  mostly based on Grace’s travel schedule.
Come join me in the destination that speaks to your CityGirl Style and spend a luxurious day transforming your work, wealth, & wellbeing.

(**Skype Intensives also available**)




New York



Hong Kong 


I was able to bring in $25K+ in Sales

In just under 2 months!


Before working with Grace, I barely new what “momentum” meant and how I could create a profitable business.

That all turned around when I decided it was my time and with the support of Grace, I was able to bring in $25K+ in sales in just under 2 months!

Not only that, but I’ve gained such amazing clarity and direction for how I desire to live and run my business. I’m in such gratitude for Grace and her expertise!

I simply couldn’t have done it without her.


Juliet Turalski




The overriding takeaway from my day with Grace was the total clarity on my message and ideal client.


profile15I had the opportunity to start 2015 in the most auspicious and stylish manner, by spending the day with Grace Kelly at The Savoy in London.

The moment I decided to invest in myself at this level, my energy lifted and I felt validated and worthy.

The overriding takeaway from my day with Grace was the total clarity on my message and ideal client.

I had so many different skills, I was unsure in which way to go. Once Grace got me clear on what I could offer I just felt euphoric, like I had arrived.

After our intensive I took on 3 clients from around the world and finally charged what I desired.

I really felt blessed to have Grace’s expertise, knowing she absolutely understood where I was on my journey, because she had been there ahead of me and had so much value to add to my purpose.

Since then I’ve received my first clients, have a sales page and web I’m proud of and feel more confident in my brand.

Nicola Goodhew


I was able to bring in $10K in Sales

In just 1 month!


Within 24 hours of signing up for coaching with Grace (and immediately after our first call) I sold my first 5K programme, recouping my investment!

This positive momentum went on to have me create 10K in my business in the space of 30days! I couldn’t be more grateful to find a mentor and style of business that supports me in combining divine guidance, purpose, financial abundance and FREEDOM all in one.


Jessica Caver


I went away with clarity and a step-by-step plan of how to build my own business and transform my working life from a stressful 9 to 5 job to working in a way that inspires me.


My intensive with Grace in Rome – the Audrey Hepburn experience – was simply magical.

I felt and was treated like a star from the very moment I met with Grace at a luxurious hotel overlooking the city.

Grace ensured that every detail of this beautiful experience was of the highest standard. But even greater magic started happening after this stylish intensive.

I went away with clarity and a step-by-step plan of how to replace my salary and build my own business , transforming  my working life from a stressful 9 to 5 job to working in a way that inspires me.

Feeling empowered, confident and clear on how to use my talents to offer a service I feel passionate about, as a result of the intensive, I began to take steps to make this transformation happen – first by working part time, while getting ready to set up my business and later I finally left my corporate job.

Natalia Shpek

Grace was able to laser in on the exact issues that have plagued me in my pursuit of success


I’ve worked with some of the biggest names out there in the biz world from Ali Brown to David Neagle, and while I learned something very valuable from each of them, Grace was able to laser in to the exact issues that have plagued me in my pursuit of success and the direction I require to take to live my purpose fully.

In a short space of a few hours we journeyed into clarity with purposeful exercises and in depth exploration in her graceful style and all in the surroundings of an elegant space with a view of bella Rome.

In fact from the moment that my Roman Intensive began I could feel a shift in my consciousness.

Grace not only assisted me with my message, offerings and business model but also arranged a photo shoot and tour of Rome on the back of a Vespa, nourishing my desire for adventure and visibility in the Eternal City.

I’ve since been able to leave  my 9-5 job and am now working as a coach full time!

Barbara Cummings,

Boston, USA





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