Are you ready to enjoy your wonderful life & create a way to work that inspires you?

Grace offers complimentary 30-60minute Discovery Sessions .

This session is perfect for you if:

You struggle with self-consciousness or lack of confidence and feel it’s holding you back from making a change in your life or career.

You would you like to stop procrastinating and get more focused and balanced so you can excel in your life .

You’re not clear on how to turn your passions into a service


You want to quit your day job and wonder what else you could do and how to get started on something new.

This call is an opportunity for you to be supported in becoming crystal clear on what’s possible for you.

 During this powerful session you will…


Get a feel for what’s next and what’s possible for you.


Discover where your innate confidence comes from.


Be supported in seeing something new about what holds you back.


Make Your Business or Career Dreams Work for Your Life


To schedule your complimentary Discovery Session with Grace Kelly, complete the form below. A CityGirl team member will be in touch to schedule your personal discovery session.