Ready to make a living & Deeply enjoy your life doing something new?

Whether you’re wanting to get more engaged with a new direction and see results doing what you love


You want to make a change in your career and succeed in something totally new


You desire to rest, relax and go within to refuel, whilst being supported in awakening your deepest purpose, well-being , wisdom & confidence in life

Our Transformational Travel & Coaching retreats, in Puglia, Italy, are for you.

Winter Weekend Retreats available 2018



During the course of 3-5 days together you’ll get crystal clear on exactly what you’re up to in the world and how you’d like to serve so you can joyfully begin to make a living doing what you really love.

You’ll reconnect to your wisdom and confidence, feel grounded, more at home and be relieved to discover how easy it is for you to move forward.

Essentially you’ll walk away less insecure, refuelled and more engaged knowing exactly what next steps to take.

As a result of spending time in this exploration coaching with Grace, combined with the experience of being in sunny southern Italy, you will:

  • Begin to create and do what you say you want to, finally get engaged fully!
  • Gain deeper clarity around your career/business and how you want to serve.
  • Overcome insecure thinking about yourself, the future, money and instead be present to enjoy life without self-consciousness and fear.
  • Move out of questioning yourself to experience your most confident self with a clear direction and begin to take action in the coming weeks and months.
  • Access your deepest wisdom and gain insight into who you are, what you’re capable of and what exactly your purpose and style of work/living is all about.
  • Transform urgency and stress into productivity, peace and spaciousness.
  • Learn to relax into life doing what you’d love as opposed to always needing to be doing something.
  • Be crystal clear on what you’ve got to offer as a service, even if you’ve worked in other fields or careers you’ll know what you can easily step into now and what makes you unique.
  • Begin to design a life and career that is deeply purposeful and reflects all of you.

 This will be the ultimate transformational travel experience.

With Grace as your coach and personal guide, you’ll experience a deeper sense of well-being and clarity during this time PLUS you’ll be invited into her life to also visit her secret hotspots, off the tourist track, where you’ll nourish your senses whilst enjoying the beauty of Puglia, a world rich in culture & style.

Puglia, quoted by Conde Nast as “ Italy’s best-kept secret, ideal for the sophisticated traveller who wants exclusivity minus the crowds”  will appeal to you if you’re looking for a taste of authentic Italy, where you can really slow down.

This is the region where food is still seasonal and sourced from the land, siestas a ritual and tradition lives on.

Whilst other parts of Italy have become big holiday destinations attracting crowds of tourists, Puglia remains the Italians choice, a foodie and artists heaven drawing a stylish and creative crowd.

You’ll enter a land where time does not exist and the only thing people are hurried by is the strong desire to enjoy life, be that meeting a friend for aperitivo or watching the sun go down over the clear blue sea.

 You’ll walk away from this retreat feeling a deep sense of space, quiet and calm within and you’ll be energetically engaged and able to move into action with what’s next for you.


 Unlike after a holiday where you go back to your normal life, habits and daily stresses within a few weeks…. this retreat will be transformational with lasting results.

You’ll feel the impact of having received transformational coaching, having detoxed your mind, surrounded yourself with beauty, awakened clarity and finally slowed down.

Group Schedule:




Check in to your luxury villa and lounge by the pool or settle in. Followed by evening celebration dinner and connection to the group.


Morning:  Coaching with Grace exploring what it means to “live well and to work well”.

Afternoon . Lunch prepared by our private chef, time by the pool or beach time.

Evening: Visit to a local village in the hills for wine tasting at award winning winery followed by dinner in a stylish hotspot.

Day 3

Morning: Coaching with Grace exploring your deepest confidence and how to leverage wisdom for success.

Afternoon:  Our private chef will prepare a seasonal feast to nourish your senses. Siesta time, enjoy a nap, the pool or beach, followed by private yoga class as the sun sets.

Evening: Spa visit to the world’s leading spa, experience roman baths and a treatment of choice, followed by cocktails with dinner by the sea.

Day 4

Morning: Yoga session and chill out time.

Afternoon: Lunch by the beach in a sophisticated hot spot and coaching with Grace exploring engaging with your ideas and success more consistently.

Evening:  Visit to Ostuni, the White City, for an exclusive style & shopping experience in this quaint setting that many creatives, stylists and entrepreneurs plus Grace calls home.  Dinner in a stylish hotspot.

Day 5

Morning: Coaching with Grace exploring the service, business or career direction you’d like to create plus developing a plan of action to get there.

Afternoon: Lunch, siesta time, enjoy your nap, book, pool or beach time before departing.


  • Prices are based per person and include coaching with Grace, accommodation in luxury setting for group retreat ,transports for visits to hotspots, private yoga and spa, style experience , wine tasting.
  • A deposit of £1000.00 is required to book your space.
  • All prices include a follow up session with Grace.

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 winter weekend retreats Feb-aRPIL

3 days




Please apply below and we’ll set up a call to explore your desires and objectives and determine is the right fit for you.

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Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly is a success coach. She helps people gracefully transition in their career , increase their confidence & their earning power to create stylish lives & businesses they love.

Formally a French teacher in London, Grace left her salary behind, moved to Italy, and started an international coaching business.

After successfully growing her business to 6-figures in 6 months, she went on to create a global client base and travelled the world coaching individuals in stylish locations like St.Tropez, Beverley Hills, Paris, New York and Rome.

Grace is now is enjoying the delights of bringing clients home to her in Italy where she’s hosting  retreats combining transformative life coaching ,style and entertainment, with the best that Puglia, Italy has to offer.

Her wildly popular blog, CityGirl Confidence™, was selected by Forbes as one of the top 100 Best Websites for Women, and her expertise has been featured in The Sunday Times, Zest and Soul and Spirit.

As a result of attending the retreat I’ve gone on to create the income and purchase the land to begin bringing my dream to life!

12076928_10153679366235798_1746971500_nI really enjoyed the retreat with Grace, I travelled from Florida for the first time to Puglia. What I loved was the sense of peace and clarity I gained by being in the space with Grace and the other women. I also loved how much time and access I had with Grace as my coach, nothing was rushed and it was like I could ask anything and everything, as ideas came to me across the 3 days.

The hospitality and luxury lifestyle elements alongside the coaching made this a unique experience.

As a result of attending the retreat I got clear on my desire to build a home in the Caribbean and I’ve since gone on to create the income and purchase the land to begin bringing this dream to life!

-Sherie Francis

My business is flourishing the retreat was my best investment!

It was a stylish retreat! However it was not only about my stylish surroundings. Through Grace’s intuitive coaching I had some ‘aha’ moments during the retreat and in the days that followed. The retreat gave me space to think, inquire and to just be.

As a result, my confidence has increased and it has started a transformational process. I have launched my first podcast; Her Career Confidence- for busy women with big ambition, interviewing influential women about their challenges and success.

My business is flourishing as I have secured £20,000 in contracts already, and it’s only the beginning of the year. I’m also training to run 5K this year as I take on a new fitness challenge. The retreat was my best investment because I have created amazing results since attending and I know that there is more to come.

-Beverley Bramwell, London

The retreat was a perfect blend of self care, adventure, and business support

Attending the Stylish Business Retreat in Italy with Grace was truly magical and exactly what I needed for me to anchor in my desires and focus on what was most important for me and my business. The retreat was a perfect blend of self care, adventure, and business support.

Since the retreat, I have manifested 10days in the Amalfi coast staying at luxury locations, selling a $5k package, hosted a high end client in New York city, and have an overall deeper connection with myself that has created a sense of peace that has me clearer and focused for the new year ahead with intentions to live in a new apartment, spend the summer months in Italy, travel to Dubai and host my signature design your life retreats.

-Danielle Rosa, Toronto

I went away with clarity and a step-by-step plan of how to build my own business and transform my working life from a stressful 9 to 5 job to working in a way that inspires me.


My intensive with Grace was simply magical.

I felt and was treated like a star from the very moment I met with Grace at a luxurious hotel overlooking the city.

Grace ensured that every detail of this beautiful experience was of the highest standard. But even greater magic started happening after this stylish intensive.

I went away with clarity and a step-by-step plan of how to replace my salary and build my own business , transforming my working life from a stressful 9 to 5 job to working in a way that inspires me.

Feeling empowered, confident and clear on how to use my talents to offer a service I feel passionate about, as a result of the intensive, I began to take steps to make this transformation happen – first by working part time, while getting ready to set up my business and later I finally left my corporate job.

Natalia Shpek

I now understand the power of coaching

Before working with Grace, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with ideas, plans and strategies for building my business and reaching my ideal clients. I needed clarity fast on my next steps and had underestimated how much work I really needed to develop a success mind-set.

Following my first intensive session with Grace I got clear on exactly what I was offering and who my ideal client is and experienced a distinct shift in my mind-set .

I was able to believe for the first time that what I desired was possible for me without the ‘struggle’. Within days of that first session I enrolled my first client at my new higher rate.

I know understand the power of coaching and without having that support to develop my own mind-set and beliefs for achieving the success I desire, I would likely still be spinning my wheels trying to implement the latest marketing strategy instead of working with my ideal clients and earning what I deserve.

-Emily Barrett