CityGirl Guide: How To Get Yourself In Vogue

Jun 18, 12 CityGirl Guide: How To Get Yourself In Vogue

“In vogue”:  To be in the current fashion or style.

What does it really take to be “in vogue”, in style, sought after?

It takes confidence, pure confidence to take a stance for what you believe in, a steady stream of Self-Esteem that cannot be wavered by any opinions on the outside.

I’ve been researching some all time great women out there who are definitely “in vogue”, some have even been in style for almost a century!

The common trait I’ve found amongst these women,  from business leaders to style icons to actresses,  is their possession of a “regal sort of confidence”.

Some will label this confidence, “arrogance” and some will find it truly intimidating, but the truth is you can’t be intimidated by anyone unless you in some way are denying your own magnificence and power relative to them, so stop playing small and read on Ladies!

One woman remains in vogue (literally) and has done so for 23 years running.

London born , Editor-In-Chief of Vogue magazine itself, Anna Wintour.

Her certainty and confidence are palpable when it comes to her work and image, naturally your true confidence is found in the areas you value most, and it’s clear she has a high value on style and her vocation .

“To be in vogue has to mean something” Anna Wintour

Yet her unwavering confidence to transform a dying magazine into an exclusively sought after modern day bible and to revitalise a suffering fashion industry beyond multi millions , despite any real academic background, has often seen her labeled as “arrogant,” “intimidating “ and  “cold”, opinions based on fiction through best selling book and movie, The Devil Wears Prada, which Wintour herself is said to have found “very entertaining”.

Despite very public criticism about her, from animal activists to past colleagues,  Wintour remains untouched and highly influential, thanks to her super level of self- esteem, which she claims comes from being true to oneself and doing the work she loves.

So you want to be in vogue?

Then it’s time to mean something and to do something!

Make waves, do what you love and move up to the next level of criticism and reprimand comfortably with a level of Self-Esteem fit for a Queen!

You can’t be in vogue, sought after, in style  if you’re worried about what other’s will think or say about you and you certainly can’t been in vogue if you’re not making your own decisions and mastering your own life along the way .

The CityGirl Guide To Being “In Vogue”

1. Stop Minimizing Yourself.

The moment you maximize the other person relative to you, you’ve just denied your own power and lost your inherent confidence, it’s Egg Shell Syndrome and it’s so not fashionable to be tip toeing around others. Stop it!


2. Don’t listen to people who give you feedback without your requesting it.

Those who give you their advice and opinions, which is usually a passive aggressive guise for criticism anyway , are doing so for their own benefit! Stop listening to anyone whom  a) you don’t respect b) you have not asked opinion from.

3. Be your own boss.

Leave your day job especially if it’s boring the hell out of you and making you ill. You cannot be in vogue if you’re rarely inspired, look dread and feel sick all the time. Inspiring people take risks and move away from the norm of everyday banal, they’re following a different tune altogether and eventually they get paid very well for it!

4. Stick to your Statement Style.

You can’t be in vogue if you look uncomfortable or misaligned with the service you’re offering. Ensure you look the part! Aligning your image with your brand is the single most effective thing you could do for your business and your future. Discover your own Statement Style here: Statement Style

5.Embrace criticism and reprimand with direct eye contact, breathe and gracefully proceed.

You can’t be in vogue if you’re addicted to approval and neither can you be in vogue if you’re running away from potential conflict and criticism. You’ll know you’re really in style when you start getting objections, reprimand and criticism at levels you never thought you could handle and yet now you are unfazed by it all.


6.Strive for success not for perfection!

If you constantly seek perfection and fear failure and mistakes you’ll never be in vogue, you must learn to strive for success, when you’re 80% ready GO! The other 20% can be fixed along the way.

7.Have a sense of humour.

Wintour turned up to the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada dressed in….you guessed it Prada! Have enough Self -Esteem to not be affected by other’s perceptions of you, real or fiction, it’s all an illusion of the mind and the eye anyway!

Grace :

What are your thoughts about being “in vogue” and how comfortable are you with criticism ?

Feel free to get in touch.

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